5 things I miss doing on Independence day



So, the dry days of June and July has passed, Errr.rrrr by dry days I meant dry with respect to holidays and celebrations.And hurray! we are here into the month of August which marks the beginning of festive seasons.So, here comes our Independence day and I am no less excited to celebrate it. But there are certain things I miss doing on independence day which we used to do as a kid.Yes! it was an exciting affair as a kid to prepare for this day and we enjoyed going to school during those days because it will be less of studies and more of co-curricular activities.It used to be a week long preparation and there was something for everyone.

So, here is a small list:

1.Going to school-  

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We all miss our school, right? but on this  day I miss it even more because it used to be a compulsory attendance day in schools on 15th august and 26th january.Since, August is a monsoon month  in India so a lot many times it  used to rain on 15th August, even then it failed to stop most of us.No..it wasn’t the compulsory attendance thing, It was the goosebumps that we used to get while  singing the national anthem with the band during the flag ceremony.Really it was a different kind of feeling which I miss a lot. and now we as a grown -up forget these things and starts arguing on should we stand during national anthem or not? seriously? me even  as a kid  knew that our national anthem deserves a special place not only in our constitution but also in our hearts.


2.Preparing for Speech/Essay-


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A Debate / essay competition was a must have during Independence day. And with plenty of good speakers/writers in class,all were made to prepare for this on a serious note.And the most challenging part was to look out for the  most catchy captions and best quotes and then draft it in the best possible way.

3. Going out for a March past/ parade-

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I bet this was one of the most remembered activity during school days. A lot of preparation was needed to make school kids to walk in a synchronised way. And when else did we get to walk on the roads like we own it  with our friends and classmates shouting “jai hind” and other patriotic slogans. The passerbys used to stop and praise the little kids for their enthusiasm.

4.Cultural Program-

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how can I forget this?though I wasn’t into singing or dancing but I enjoyed watching those programs. Mostly patriotic songs from bollywood were used to enact dance drama.Even some classical music or dance in traditional attire was a must have during every Independence day celebration.And sometimes some contemporary skit or a drama depicting the struggle for Independence was also included.

5. Laddoos-


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Hahhahahahh! this is the thing I miss most. A sweet packet consisting of 2 laddoos was distributed among all the kids.And those 2 laddoos became symbolic of Independence day and republic day.Though I wasn’t fond of sweet but had a thing for laddoos.


So, we have come a long way now but looking back into these memories always brings smile on my face.Now we don’t get a chance to celebrate Independence day like those days as most of the offices declares holiday on that day instead of celebrating it.So, i just turn on the TV and watch the parade there and get some sweets….ahha yes! it has to be laddoo only to get that feeling.However, now my son has started going to school, so I think I do have a chance to re-live those moments with him.

Do you have any such memory related to Independence day? or do you miss going to school on this day? Do let me  know your views in the comment.


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