Hello beautiful people! today I am here to introduce with two legendary women and their work of art and most importantly, the magic they created when both of them joined hands together. They have been working hard to highlight the rich Indian heritage in fashion Industry. Yes! I am talking about the famous jewellery designer Sangeeta Boochra and Bollywood’s Favourite stylist Neeraja Kona.

Lets have a look at the beautiful amalgamation of two most loved possessions of a woman- Jewellery and outfit. The magic they have created with their harmony is enough to speak the volume of these beautiful masterpieces before I even introduce them to you.


Before we appreciate the beautiful outfits with equally beautiful jewellery, lets take a moment to appreciate our ladies of the moment:

About Sangeeta Boochra :
Sangeeta Boochra, a well known name and brand in India today. She is the Creative Director and Designer of Silver Centrre. Her designs embody grace and aim for perfection. Her designs inspire those who appreciate style, design and uncompromising quality.
She follows the process of realization, interacting with traditional jewelry artisans and giving them the right direction, which in turn makes her designs traditional and modern yet, versatile. In her collection one finds timeless and evocative pieces.
She has been creating Silver Jewelry with its very own chic language of design, with an added touch of modernity, giving a modern face to the age old traditional Indian Jewelry. Sangeeta Boochra took to the aim of being able to show the brilliance of Indian Jewelry to the world through her creative vision. She travelled extensively into the interiors of India, worked with villagers and craftsman and then delved into the ancient craftsmanship and began to create exclusive jewellery with the help of master craftsmen around Jaipur. Sangeeta Boochra had a vision: ushering in a renaissance in the ancient art of jewelry, she uses elements of Ethnic Indian Jewelry.

Sangeeta’s earliest memories are of playing in her mother’s jewelry box and accessorising her clothing transforming a necklace into a belt. Some of Sangeeta’s friends played with dolls, other played sports, Sangeeta accessorized. Designing jewellery is part of Sangeeta’s DNA, and Sangeeta
always knew that she would be a jewellery designer. Sangeeta’s organic eye for design and color interpretation has helped her clients understand that fashion is about style and creating a total look including accessories.

Beyond the clothes, jewellery is an integral part of a woman’s wardrobe and
provides the finishing-touch to any outfit. Each piece of jewelry is designed to complement each other, to present an entire ensemble based
upon certain constant design features, so that pieces designed 20 years ago are relevant and can be worn with the designs of today. Sangeeta Boochra’s distinctive designs reflect her passion for jewellery and celebrate her enthusiasm for individualism with her commitment to timeless styling.
Always maintaining a classic with a modern twist sensibility, Sangeeta Boochra harmonizes the versatility and wear ability of her original concept of designing jewellery that can be worn over Suits to blue jeans, from day into evening. “It’s about striking the balance between the elegance of a classic woman with the fashion sense of today’s modern woman” states Sangeeta Boochra.

And here are some of the beautiful pieces designed by Sangeeta Boochra from the collection:

About Kaluva by Neeraja Kona :
Kaluva – Donning the values of resilience, regeneration and blossoming much like itself and personified as a beautiful lotus. Founded by Neeraja Kona, a renowned celebrity stylist, Kaluva is a contemporary fashion brand with comfort at its heart. Kaluva aspires to bring small joys to urban men, women and children.

No doubt ! I am smitten by the way these gorgeous jewellery pieces are complementing the contemporary outfits designed by Neeraja Kona. I am sure these pieces of art would have stolen your heart too.You can get your hands on them by visiting their stores located at Silverr Centre,Jaipur and Silver Centre,Bangalore. Also, you can buy them online at www.silvercentrre.com