DSLR_3411978Welcome to the month of March where we celebrate women’s day on the 8th day of month every year. We cherish and celebrate women-hood and pledge for women empowerment every time. Sometimes we look back and pat ourselves for coming this  far and sometimes we make resolutions for future.

I agree that we have come a long way but we still have a long way to go. We forget to think about others in daily hustle bustle of life but some moments force us to introspect. I was  sitting in my AC room with a mug of protein shake beside me and was drafting some collaboration mail for a spa party and then there was a random lady  sending me mail to sign a petition asking  help to prevent girls from dropping out of school and
 ask the Uttar Pradesh Government to ensure that all schools have clean and accessible toilets.

So, overall it mentioned that  mostly girls drop out of school due to unavailability of toilets. well, I agree with it because toilet is not a luxury rather its a necessity and I strongly support the cause.


But , then I went into flashbacks where I have seen girls calling it quit when life starts behaving hard to them.Sometimes for early marriage, sometimes to be a helping hand in domestic works and sometimes due to lack of resources.

Actually,  lack of resources is a holistic concept which covers lack of proper sanitation facilities too. Talking about other resources, we can count the very basic- yes!even now some villages in India lacks sufficient number of schools and other infrastructural facilities.

Then the most prominent resource, yes no prizes for guessing! I am talking about money.No doubt! Poverty makes one struggle everyday for their right to live. When hunger strikes, only the rich behaves like an actress(hmm referring to the snickers ad) but the poor behaves like a hungry lion who don’t know how to pretend to be someone else and finally this poverty forces them to bid a farewell to their school life.


Well! there are numerous reasons for a girl to quit school but  I am here not to count those rather to be at-least one reason to take her  back to school.  It was tough  for her to say I quit or I cant but now lets make it easier for her to say “I won’t!..I won’t quit my studies!”. Yes! She is no more a little girl, she is a grown up and asking the society too to grow up.BeautyPlus_20180224203754_save.jpg

lets take a moment out to help her forget all the miseries she went through and bring back her Cinderella moment not at a ball and not with a prince rather when one day she stands in front of a mirror she can say to herself ” Yes!  I did it”. Yes she is a woman, she is no more a girl but lets not kill the girl inside her. Its her turn to live the moments she missed as a girl.. lets take her back to school!DSLR_3445289.jpg

Note: I know its not a glam post by a  beauty and fashion blogger but its just a small step by me to empower those who missed school and if you want to help in this then do like, comment and share this post.love..XOXO!

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