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Review: St D’venc’e Moisturiser


So …December and the winter is finally here and hope its not giving you much trouble! As a kid I used to love December because my favourite Santa used to bring gifts for me along with a winter break. But as we grew up,the santas kept on changing and so does our wishes. This winter I wished for a smoother and softer me so that when I hug my son , he could say “Mom! are you made of flowers?”…yess! he used to say that few years back.

Anddd..this year Santa came early for me with a bottle of St D’Vence moisturiser-Autumn Edition.Hmm! keep on scrolling to know more about it.

About St D’Vence Moisturiser


It is going to be launched after 3 years of in house extensive R&D and planning. It is a blend of 10 highly premium handpicked ingredients sourced by personally travelling around the world.

They are also making history. Autumn Edition becomes the first beauty product specially selected to go on Pre-Orders in the 20-long year history of Amazon. It is considered as “one of the best” by Amazon’s foreign senior leadership. With that they are working hard to be in stock and ensure everybody gets their bottle of this elixir on their launch date: 10th December 2017. (Also, the birthday of their founder’s mother!) Beacuse everybody has got the right to be a fabulous body, right folks?

Ingredient List:

Argan oil, Avocado butter, avocado oil,sunflower oil, til ol,shea butter,olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil,jojoba oil,aloe vera,Vit E acetate,BHT carbopol,Di sodium EDTA, ceto steryl Alcohol, C.M 1000, stearic acid, EGMC, cetyl palmitate,Dimethicone, glycerin, TEA, iso propyl Myristate,Phenoxy Ethanol, potassium sorbate, Allantoin, frangrance, purified water.

What it claims?

St D’vence Moisturiser – Autumn Edition is a unique breakthrough blend of ten premium ingredients that royally hydrate the driest of skin. Argan oil- miracle liquid gold, is used to intensely hydrate, soften and bring in natural glow and boost to the skin. Avocado- butter fruit,native to South America is packed with twenty- five vital nutrients, including Vitamins A, B ,C , E, K, proteins, fibre and minerals. This is a moisturiser so good, we’re sure you’ll fall for it.

  • Parabens free
  • Mineral Oil free
  • PHthalates free
  • PEG and PG free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • NO Harmful Chemicals
  • Cruelty Free.BeautyPlus_20171207120258_save

My Verdict:

The ingredient list is really stellar and the  price tag makes it a ” luxury at affordable price” product and its really proud moment for an Indian start up to be the 1st product to go on for a pre booking on a giant” pandora’s box” like Amazon.

The texture is just perfect. Its not very runny nor very thick, it s well absorbed by the skin and penetrates fast. You wont feel very sticky or oily after using it.IMG_20171207_115316.jpgBeautyPlus_20171207120042_save.jpg

Well, it hydrates the skin well. It is highly recommended for even the roughest part i.e, the elbow and knee as it is specially formulated for dry to very dry skin. In the Ingredient list, we can find many chemicals too so we cant say that its chemical free but yes its free of harmful chemicals.

Though it contains “fragrance” which is a very wide term and its not easy for me to find out whether its a harmful one or not but seeing their dedication and a quest to deliver a qualitative and world class product , I think we can be assured of its claims of being free of harmful chemicals.

So order your bottle of moisture and hydration from right now. Its available at Rs 349/- for a 300 ml bottle. click the link below:

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